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A Social Game Creation Platform.

Join a Game Creation Community and enable the Democratization of Game Development, powered by Community Owned IP!

What Is Gameshot?

What Is GameShot

A gameshot is a player curated or crafted snapshot of a game, powered by Bitz, which are pieces of game content like characters, enemies, mechanics, music and level themes. Each Bitz has a limited supply!

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Players collect Bitz by purchasing booster packs. When a wallet is connected, all Bitz will be available as NFTs that can be traded or sold.

PlayType Gameshot Machine
PicType Gameshot Machine

Players acquire digital "Game Systems" and Content known as "Bitz" to create sharable gameshots!


Gameshots can then be set up as challenges,

users who connect a wallet can earn our native token, $SHOT.

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How to Make a Gameshot

How To Make A GameShot
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1. Log in and create your account!
Create a free account by selected the “Launch Game” button above! Connect your Wallet (optional!)

2. Play and Rate gameshots!
Play, win, and rate the gameshots posted by the community and level up your account by earning Rep.

3. Become a Creator!

Purchase Bitz Packs and slot in your acquired content to generate gameshots. Discover a shot you like, customize the title screen and story, then save it out!

4. Share your gameshot!
Post your gameshot for the community to play and rate. If you love what you made, save it or connect your wallet and mint it to create a permanent NFT version of that shot!

5. Start or Participate in Challenges!
Saved or Minted gameshots are eligible to post as challenges for the community. Speed run or achieve the top score to earn $SHOT or top the leaderboard.


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Why Give It a Shot

Why Give It a Shot
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Express yourself through games!

Creators use our free  digital game systems to generate and customize gameshots and share them with the world. Discover gameplay worth sharing, write your own story, assemble your own title screen, use your own pictures to build something unique to you.

Blockchain unlocks possibilities!

Not ready to create a wallet? No problem! Our platform is open to everyone, but on-chain users can resell Bitz, mint Gameshots, and earn our token, $SHOT. We are building Gameshot to demonstrate how blockchain can add new possibilities for players and creators!


Community Driven Platform Design

Members of the community vote on future content to include as Bitz, and submit content to use for story banners, title screens, and upcoming platform elements!


Our Token



$SHOT is a limited supply reward token redeemed by players with connected wallets.

Not ready to connect a wallet? No problem! The creative aspects of our platform can be enjoyed until you're ready to connect!

Road Map

Road Map


  Q 4  

PlayType Preview: Our first blockchain console series. Mix and match several nostalgic genres to create your own unique Gameshot, with customizable titles, stories & more.

PicType Preview: Access the first Genre, Jumper! PicType enables you to create and share fun single screen platforming games, carved out of your own pictures!


  Q 1  

  Q 4  

  Q 2  

  Q 3  

  Q 1  

  Q 4  

  Q 2  

  Q 3  

Feature Drop: Pick a fight with the Brawler genre for PLAYTYPE Gameshot creating. We'll drop the genre with 50 brand new Bitz, each one of a kind, ready to be licensed out.

Feature Drop: Load up with the Racer genre for the PlayType console. We'll drop the genre with 50 brand new Bitz, each one of a kind, ready to be licensed out.

Content Drop: Monster League Bitz, each NFT Bitz is one of a kind, ready to be licensed out to the community and be part of your next GameShot community hit.

Content Drop: Exclusive IP set release for use on all consoles.

Content Drop: 200 new PicType Portable Portable Bitz.

Feature Drop: Vote mechanic for PlayType & 50 new Bitz.


Content Drop: 100 brand new Bitz for use with PlayType or PicType Portable consoles.

Feature Drop: Two brand new Filters for PicType Portable plus 100 new Bitz for use with either PicType Portable or PlayType consoles.

Feature Drop: Test your musical skills with the Rhythm genre for PlayType as well as 50 new unique Bitz for use with either PicType Portable or PlayType.

WorldType Machine: Create Games from real-world action and content!

Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team


Joseph Tringali CEO Gameshot

Chief Executive Officer

Robert Pavlock Design Director Gameshot

Design DIrector

Nitin Venugopal Technical Director Gameshot

Technical Director

Mike Uziel Art Director Gameshot

Art Director

David J Franco Chief Strategy Officer Gameshot

Chief Strategy Officer

Over 20 years of experience producing games for Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft consoles as well as PC and Mobile. Key leaders on award winning franchises and games with tens of millions of copies sold worldwide.



Our first influencers to be announced shortly.

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