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A Social NFT Game Creation Platform.

Join an NFT Game Creation Community and enable the Democratization of Game Development, powered by on-chain, Community Owned IP!

Next Drop

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Get on board with our Generation 1 launch, exclusive to OpenSea,  which includes our first virtual console, the PlayType Game Machine, bundled with 6 genre types with support for over 400 Bitz. The first production run of the PlayType Platform will include exclusive console visuals, an original serial number, and automatically enter you into a giveaway for exclusive NFT content to customize your game room!

What's Included:

6 genres, including Action, JRPG, Adventure and Shooter gameplay.

365 Bitz exclusive to the PlayType Platform, with more to come later this year!

100,000 Bonus METAL Token included with each initial NFT sale.

Choice of several exclusive NFT posters to customize your Game Room!

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You are awesome. Great things will happen!

What is Gameshot?


Gameshot is the first blockchain powered game generator, which utilizes player owned NFTs to create sharable games.

A Gameshot is a player generated snapshot of a game, powered by player owned content, and their creativity.

Users will be able to mint their own NFTs into Gameshot content or purchase rare one-of-a-kind NFTs designed for the Gameshot platform, known as Bitz.

Each Bitz we release will only be issued once, the owner will then have full rights over the Bitz and within our platform be able to license and distribute it to other players to use in their Gameshots.

Owners and Licensees both see potential benefits when their Bitz feature in Gameshots that gain popularity and are rewarded in our native Token, $SHOT.

$SHOT will be initially used to exchange for further customization features and to partake in special pre-sales of Bitz in our Web 3.0 space, Meta-Life (Meta-L).


Bitz for Gameshot PlayType Platform
bitz gameshot nft dungeon thief
Bitz for Gameshot PlayType Platform
bitz gameshot nft sports car


Gameshot cartridge for PlayType Platform
PlayType Platform Gameshot Cartridge

How to Make a Gameshot

Male Avatar Illustration for Gameshot
Female Character Illustration for Gameshot
PlayType illustration for Gameshot

1. Buy a Console
Purchase an NFT Gameshot console such as PlayType or PicType Portable.

2. Use the Game Generation Tool
Load our WebGL app, login, and choose an owned console.

3. Buy or License Bitz

Buy Bitz or request a license from another Bitz owner to use in planning your Gameshot. Generate, play and evaluate the Gameshot.

4. Give it a Name
If the generated Gameshot is interesting, write the story and customize your title screen!

5. Share it with the world!
Let the community play your Gameshot, rate it, and award it. Gameshots validated by the community are minted and sold as NFTs as per the terms of the Creator.

6. Earn $SHOT Token Rewards

Earn $SHOT by selling NFT Gameshots if you are a Creator or an Owner. Earn $SHOT through the social validation process if you are a player.

Why Give It a Shot


Make Games, Earn $SHOT

Creators make Gameshots and share them with the world. Players play and validate their Gameshots by rating them. Both Creators and Bitz Owners earn $SHOT from the sale of the Gameshots to collectors.

You purchased an NFT monkey, so now what!?

By acquiring rare blank Bitz, your personal NFTs can be converted into game content! Decide whether they're going to be pitfalls, powerups or have us develop them into full-blown characters! All licensable to other Gameshot creators!

Your Bitz, Your Call

We don't want to limit how collectors monetize their collection, so we provide the framework for collectors to resell or license out their Bitz with rewards payable in our proprietary token, $SHOT.

Truly One of a Kind NFTs

When collectors purchase a Bitz, no one else ever owns it, and we don't just mean a unique serial number, we mean it's art, functionality, animations are all the property of the NFT holder!



Owns or licenses Bitz and combines them to generate and create Gameshots. Customizes Title and Story and discovers interesting combinations created by the game generation tools.

Earns $SHOT based on how they perform, and how active they are in the community.


Posts those Gameshots to be validated by the community and decides on a production amount and then earns $SHOT based on sales success.

1 Successful Launch earns access to the exclusive “Creators Club”.​

Using their own NFT library as part of their Gameshots, creators can bring their identity across in their work.

Future platforms will allow for unique ways to customize a Gameshot, with artwork, storytelling, and the ability to create something compelling or just outright ridiculous!



male collector avatar gameshot

Purchases NFT Bitz from the marketplace and cides how to license them to the community. Owners promote their owned Bitz and invest in increasing the value over time.

Posts those Gameshots to be validated by the community and decides on a production amount and then earns $SHOT based on sales success.

Own truly unique one-off Bitz, no one else owns the same item, character, or powerup twice!

Earns $SHOT on every Gameshot produced that includes their owned content.

License out their Bitz whilst retaining ownership so others can use their Bitz in their Gameshots.

Ownership of a Bitz earns access to the exclusive “Owners Club”.

Plays, rates, awards posted Gameshots and decide what goes into production.​

Earns $SHOT based on how they perform, and how active they are in the community.

Purchases NFT Gameshots with $SHOT and levels up accounts for exclusive Meta-L content.


Successfully owning at least 5 unique NFT Gameshots earns access to the exclusive “Collectors Club”.


Enter META-L


META-L is an online Web 3.0 social space, visually resembling a hybrid mall / arcade, where the community congregates to play, collect, rate the player-generated games, and socialize about future creations.


As the community grows, we expect like-minded creators, owners and players to organize into more exclusive social groups. Just as we have Developers, Publishers, Retailers, Collectors, Reviewers, Influencers and Pro Gamers in the real world, we are going to introduce tools to support all those roles within Gameshot.

Our first step is a futuristic virtual world, a cross between a mall and arcade, where the community will congregate to play, collect, rate the player-generated games, and socialize about future creations. There are limited store leases (land) available as NFTs to purchase in this virtual world, which give the owner their own customizable space to populate with Shots and another metaverse décor. This is our metaverse, this is META-L!

Within this world, we'll introduce the capability to further customize Gameshots with unique branding, mechanics to advertise Gameshots, convert owned NFT content into 3D décor, and a load of other community-driven requests. This space is for our players to own, and we'll be working side by side to implement the features the community values, and help make it easier to group up and achieve their dreams within our corner of the metaverse.




$SHOT is a reward token issued to owners, creators and players of the hottest Gameshots in the META-LIFE arcade, or META-L for short.

For more information please consult our Whitepaper.

Road Map



  Q 4  

  Q 2  

  Q 3  

PlayType Machine: Our first blockchain console series. Mix and match several nostalgic genres to create your own unique Gameshot, with customizable titles, stories & more.

Feature Drop: Pick a fight with the Brawler genre for PLAYTYPE Gameshot creating. We'll drop the genre with 50 brand new Bitz, each one of a kind, ready to be licensed out.

PicType Portable Preview: For any holder of a PlayType Launch Edition NFT, access to the PicType Portable Platform during an exclusive beta test.

Blank Bitz Drop1: First Distribution of Blank Bitz as staking rewards for the community.

Content Drop: Monster League Bitz, each NFT Bitz is one of a kind, ready to be licensed out to the community and be part of your next GameShot community hit.


  Q 1  

  Q 4  

  Q 2  

  Q 3  

  Q 1  

  Q 4  

  Q 2  

  Q 3  

Feature Drop: Load up with the Racer genre for the PlayType console. We'll drop the genre with 50 brand new Bitz, each one of a kind, ready to be licensed out.

PicType Portable: Express yourself by turning a photo into a microgame. Place Bitz, swap in photo elements (Pictems), and share.

META-L Drop: Launch of Meta-Life Center. 250 Single Shot Public Arcade Slots and 48 Private Stores / Spaces will be available for purchase.

META-L Content Drop: 100 customizable items, each unique for use in the META-LIFE center.

Content Drop: Exclusive IP set release for use on all consoles.

Content Drop: 200 new PicType Portable Portable Bitz.

Feature Drop: Vote mechanic for PlayType & 50 new Bitz.


META-L Drop: New Meta-L Area with 150 Single Shot Public Arcade Slots and 24 Private Store spaces.

META-L Content Drop: 100 Unique Customization items for the Meta-Life center.

Content Drop: 100 brand new Bitz for use with PlayType or PicType Portable consoles.

Feature Drop: Two brand new Filters for PicType Portable plus 100 new Bitz for use with either PicType Portable or PlayType consoles.

Feature Drop: Test your musical skills with the Rhythm genre for PlayType as well as 50 new unique Bitz for use with either PicType Portable or PlayType.

WorldType Machine: Create Games from real-world action and content!

Meet Our Team



Joseph Tringali CEO Gameshot

Chief Executive Officer

Robert Pavlock Design Director Gameshot

Design DIrector

Nitin Venugopal Technical Director Gameshot

Technical Director

Mike Uziel Art Director Gameshot

Art Director

David J Franco Chief Strategy Officer Gameshot

Chief Strategy Officer

Over 20 years of experience producing games for Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft consoles as well as PC and Mobile. Key leaders on award winning franchises and games with tens of millions of copies sold worldwide.
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A collection of PlayType Gameshot cartridges.

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