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Early Access


Get creating with Early Access, available for download on Steam and the Epic store as well as our web client. 

Early Access Features:

PlayType: Retro inspired virtual machine for creating unique classic Gameshots.

6 Game Genres: Including Action, JRPG, and Platformer for use with PlayType.

350+ Bitz: Unique characters, items, and enemies to customize your Gameshot.

PicType: Virtual machine for converting any photo into a playable Gameshot!

DrawType: Draw your own character and watch it come to life!

StoryBoard: Add custom story panels and titles to your Gameshot.

GIF It: Share on social media, make your Gameshot the next meme.

Skins: Several themed Skins for your Gameshots for further customization.

What is Gameshot?


Gameshot is a free-to-play game generator, powered by your creativity, allowing players  to create mini-game snapshots, rich in player-made content, and their creativity.

When a player creates a Gameshot, they first select a Machine they'll be creating for. Gameshot launches we two Machines, PlayType and PicType, simulating retro gaming and photo-based mobile gaming respectively. More Machines are planned for future releases.

Users will be able to share their own Gameshot content on Social platforms or on the Gameshot platform.

At the core of Gameshot are Bitz, Bitz are game blocks such as enemies, powerups, and characters that come as standard with Gameshot and can be used to populate your creation.

Once you've created your Gameshot, it's time to publish and share your creation, sharing your Gameshot gives you the opportunity to earn Energy which is used for generating Gameshots.

Energy replenishes each day allowing users to keep creating however Energy can also be purchased directly inside our App so users can keep creating!

Gameshot doesn't stop there however, Addons are available and useable on various Machines to enhance and add new features and Gameplay mechanics. Gameshot debuts with DrawType, allowing users to draw their own character and allow gameshot to animate and bring it to life!


Bitz for Gameshot PlayType Platform
bitz gameshot nft dungeon thief
Bitz for Gameshot PlayType Platform
bitz gameshot nft sports car


Gameshot cartridge for PlayType Platform
PlayType Platform Gameshot Cartridge

How to Make a Gameshot

Male Avatar Illustration for Gameshot
Female Character Illustration for Gameshot
PlayType illustration for Gameshot

1. Create an Account
Download Gameshot on Steam or Epic Store or sign up online for an Account.

2. Use the Game Generation Tool
Once logged in, click Create, pick what Machine and genre of Game you'd like to make.

3. Populate your Gameshot with Bitz

Pick Bitz that best serve your creation, including what enemies appear, what powerups you'll use, or dive deeper with our custom Draw Tool and create your own Hero or Powerup!

4. Give It A Name
Before you send your creation off to the world, give it a name, fill in the optional story fields to captivate your audience!

5. Share it with the world!
Publish your Gameshot for the community to play and rate it. If your Gameshot is well received by the community you'll earn Energy.

6. Energy Rewards

Use Energy to create more Gameshots and build your Star Profile in the Gameshot community!

Why Give It a Shot


Make Games Fast

Gameshot isn't another Game Creator, it's a game generator. By clicking a few options, uploading a photo, drawing your own character - we'll do the heavy work. Watch your character come to life just from one drawing, or your photo become an assault course of obstacles for your audience.

Innovative Technology

Gameshot has been built from the ground up and requires minimal hardware, your photo album is full of potential levels waiting to be created without an expensive Handset. You can even dig up old photos and turn them into playable memories!

It's Free To Play

We don't want to limit your play, that's why we refill your Energy daily so you can keep creating.

Long Term Project Roadmap

Drawing your own characters, converting your photographs, mixing up game genres for crazy results... and we're not stopping there, we'll be introducing new 'Machine Types' shortly delving into 3D worlds, geo gaming and more.

Meet the Machines


PicType is all about converting Photos into interactive levels, objects, enemies and characters.


PlayType is inspired by classic 8-bit and 16-bit gaming, allowing players to mix classic gaming genres up to create unique and unexpected results. Each game is fully customizable with it's own title screen and story panels.


DrawType is a tool for creating your own characters and objects from either a photo source or using our drawing tools inside Gameshot. DrawType does the heavy lifting for you so all you need to do is draw your character, specify how it should behave and we'll do the rest!

Our Team



Joseph Tringali CEO Gameshot

Chief Executive Officer

Robert Pavlock Design Director Gameshot

Design DIrector

Nitin Venugopal Technical Director Gameshot

Technical Director

Mike Uziel Art Director Gameshot

Art Director

David J Franco Chief Strategy Officer Gameshot

Chief Strategy Officer

Over 20 years of experience producing games for Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft consoles as well as PC and Mobile. Key leaders on award winning franchises and games with tens of millions of copies sold worldwide.
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